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14' Saturn KaBoat

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Saturn Inflatable Kayak & Boat Crossover - KaBoat

Our SATURN Kaboats 14' Saturn KaBoat (Light Red) - Side Vieware taking the nation by storm and our brand new 2021 model has even more upgrades only found at Saturn Rafts including upgraded Heytex PVC (see the attachments link below to a Heytex PVC brochure) and upgraded inflation valves (over $80 value)!  This patent pending combination of a dinghy and kayak has found its niche in the market and is a perfect fit for someone looking for the most adaptable and portable inflatable boat on the market. There is no greater testament to the opportunities this 14' Saturn KaBoat provides than the dozens of videos shared by customers all around the globe. The coolest customer testimonials for this specific KaBoat is some amazing video in Guam and a great summary of the uniqueness of the Saturn KaBoats, take a look here!

This versatile kayak/boat crossover can be used like our SATURN inflatable kayak by rowing/paddling or can be turned into a speedboat by attaching a small gas or electric engine to the marine grade wood transom at the stern. Aluminum seats and an incredibly stable design make it a great fishing vessel. The dropstitch floor is the most rigid inflatable floor on the market and makes standing up to cast simple. The compact size makes it the perfect choice for a dinghy for a yacht or sailboat.

Upgraded 14' Saturn KaBoat has the following changes:

  • Transom has triangular splash guards to minimize back splash and protect the transom holders from heat and exposure to UV rays.
  • Plastic handles were replaced with sun resistant and durable soft handles for a longer life span.
  • The valves were moved to the inside of the tubes and under the seat to protect them from sun and the elements. Their position also makes inflation from the inside of the boat easier when on the water.
  • New models have different bench attachments to make them shorter and lighter. They were also moved slightly lower for easier rowing.
  • Grommet PVC splash guards with safety grab lines run all along the KaBoat's tubes from the front to the rear. Having grommets on PVC lines allows the attachment of additional accessories, kayak seats and custom made frames and arches for fishing rod holders, night lights, etc. SK430 Design Specs

The SATURN KaBoat is capable of transporting heavier cargo and offers a more stable design than that of a traditional kayak. The narrow profile allows for much less drag and allows it to outperform most traditional dinghy’s with similar engine sizes.

The 14' Saturn Kaboat can take up to a 10 HP gas outboard engine if you really want to fly (over 20 mph with 2 people) and if you're looking for maximum portability just purchase an electric motor! If the battery loses charge or the gas is low, you can use the rowing oars to paddle to your destination. A small outboard works great and you don't need anything larger than a 6 HP. With a 5 HP engine, this boat will fly at up to 15-20 mph with 1-2 people. With an electric motor you'll be able to travel at speeds of around 5-7 mph. An electric motor at minimum speed will run for up to 6 hours.

Additional Features:Saturn KaBoat Seats, Oars, Boat, and Accessories

  • High-pressure inflatable air deck floor (rated up to 8 psi - nearly twice the average pressure rating of similar products).
  • Upgraded heavy-duty Heytex PVC (download the brochure under attachments)
  • Front spray skirt with water deflector guard and rope lacing.
  • Marine grade plywood transom with a one way drain plug.
  • Included: hand pump, repair kit, 2 oars and a carry bag.
  • 1 set of rowing oars with oar locks. 14' Saturn KaBoat SK430 Red with Bimini Top and Electric Motor Upgrade
  • Wide beam hull design for stability.
  • 4 fins for improved tracking. 14' Saturn KaBoat SK430 - Green
  • 3 aluminum removable benches.

KaBoat Specification

Air Valves:
Upgraded Halkey Roberts Style Inflation Valves
2 Side Tubes and 1 Inflatable Floor
Exterior Length:
Exterior Width:
Inflation time:
5-10 min.
Interior Length:
Interior Width:
KaBoat Weight:
58 lbs
1100 Denier Heytex PVC
Max. Engine Capacity:
8 HP (10 HP if 2 stroke)
Person Capacity:
Shipping Size:
Shipping Weight:
79 lbs
Transom High:
Tube Diameter:
Weight Capacity:
750 lbs
Speed (Approx.):
10 HP (Up to 20 MPH) - 5 HP (Up to 15 MPH)

Heytex PVC Specs (170407_brochure_HEYboats_EN_DE_view.pdf, 1,259 Kb) [Download]

Tyler Wilcox
Customer service and the product!
Been loving my kaboat! So amazing. And your customer service was the best. Just wanna say thanks again and I hope you’re well!
Administrator reply
Thanks Tyler, very cool to see you out on the water enjoying some sun, friends, and fishing! Have a great summer.