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12' Saturn Inflatable Fin Pedal Fishing Kayak FPK365

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Experience versatility like never before with the cutting-edge Saturn FPK365 inflatable kayak. This innovative watercraft is designed to adapt effortlessly to your preferences, allowing for both single and tandem configurations. Utilize the kayak in a single configuration with the powerful fin pedal drive, tapping into the incredible propulsion potential of your legs alone. Easily mount any low or high beach chair atop the kayak using the provided 4 sets of double D-rings, creating a personalized and comfortable seating arrangement. The fin pedal drive ensures a swift and efficient journey, perfect for activities such as workouts, leisurely cruising, or fishing. The FPK365 comes equipped with a pre-installed rotomolded well specifically designed for the pedal drive, providing seamless integration. Additionally, the pedal kayak can be effortlessly transformed for traditional paddle use, offering the flexibility to adapt to your preferred mode of exploration.

Remove the pedal drive, and the FPK365 kayak transforms into a tandem configuration, exclusively utilizing kayak paddles. Secure two kayak seats or beach chairs to the set of 4 D-rings – one in the front and the other in the rear. The front seat can be conveniently placed over the rotomolded mount installed in the kayak. To enhance stability, the opening in the well can be easily plugged with a short piece of foam swimming noodle, ensuring a secure and enjoyable tandem kayaking experience. Whether solo or with a partner, the FPK365 delivers unmatched adaptability and performance on the water.


Key Features:

Versatile Design: The FPK365 can be used in both single and tandem configurations. In solo mode, the fin pedal drive provides a powerful and easy propulsion method using the strength of your legs. Attach any low or high beach chair (not included) with the help of 4 sets of double D-rings, creating a comfortable seating arrangement.

Fin Pedal Drive Efficiency: Experience enhanced speed compared to traditional paddling, making it ideal for workouts, leisurely cruising, or fishing. The inflatable kayak comes with a pre-installed rotomolded well for the pedal drive, allowing for easy installation and removal.

Adaptable Steering Options: Choose from two steering options - utilize the kayak paddle for straightforward movement or secure one end of the paddle blade under your armpit, acting as a rudder. For advanced users, a FREE BONUS kayak rudder is included for DIY installation, providing even more control.

Accessory Rail Tracks: The kayak features accessory rail tracks for optional additions like fishing rod holders, cup holders, and fish finders (all of which are not included at purchase). Paddle holders and a bungee cord storage area further enhance convenience.

DIY Electric Motor Mount: Install a DIY electric motor mount (not included) using the set of 4 D-rings on top of the tubes. The inflatable kayak offers the flexibility for customization with a horizontal 8" wide plywood board securely fastened using tie downs.


  • Length - 12'
  • Tube diameter - 8"
  • Floor thickness - 6"
  • Inside width - 22"
  • Max weight - 300 lbs
  • Packing Size - 32'' x 22'' x 13''
  • Kayak weight - 43 lbs
  • Pedal Drive weight - 12 lbs
  • Shipping Size - 33'' x 24" x 12''
  • Shipping Weight - 68 lbs
  • Pedal drive is saltwater ready. Flashing with fresh water after each use is highly recommended.
  • Recommended air pressure for tubes 25kpa and floor is 60kpa. Electric inflator recommended.
  • Any type of beach chair, sand chair, lawn chair, etc (not included) can be mounted on top of this kayak.
  • Included: fin pedal drive, hand pump, 2 removable fins and rotomolded well for pedal drive.
  • FREE BONUS: kayak rudder for DIY installation.
  • NOT Included: beach chair, fishing rod holders, cup holders, cooler. All these items are optional.
  • Kayak hull warranty 2 years, Pedal Drive warranty 1 year.

Important Warnings:

  • Non-Racing Design - This kayak is not intended for racing. Avoid applying excessive pressure to the pedals to increase speed, as it may cause damage to chains and cables. The average kayak speed is 3-4 mph. Damage resulting from overpowering pedal strokes is not covered by the warranty.
  • Steady Pedal Pressure - Do not push on the pedals too rapidly. Achieve forward movement by applying steady, light pressure. One stroke every 2 seconds is more than sufficient for fast propulsion.
  • Securing Pedal Locks - In the event of an accidental unlocking of the pedal drive during normal operation, consider using an additional rubber string. Wrap it over the lock handle and secure it to the self-adhesive hook glued to the rotomolded well insert. Refer to the Attachment tab for more ideas. Alternatively, resolve the unlocking issue by rotating the rotomolded section 180 degrees inside the kayak floor. Deflate the floor, rotate the part, and then reinflate the floor.
  • Experiment with Stroke Modes - Explore various pedal stroke modes. Pedal strokes don't have to be continuous from stop to stop; shorter, half-strokes can propel the kayak swiftly as well.
  • Shallow Water Caution - When in shallow waters, ensure that the fins of the pedal drive do not contact the bottom, as this could cause damage. Adjust the pedal position, moving them apart to keep the fins flat against the kayak bottom.
  • Always Carry a Paddle - While the pedal drive offers efficient propulsion, it's essential to always carry a paddle on the kayak. In unforeseen circumstances, the paddle can be used as an alternative means to navigate and return.
  • Rotomolded Insert Orientation - Ensure that the rotomolded insert is oriented in a straight line, not at an angle. If pedal drive locks are moving during pedaling, it may be because the pedal drive is not looking straight forward. This slight movement is normal due to the natural flexibility of the rotomolded insert, which is not rigid.
  • Safety Gear - Prioritize safety by always wearing a Personal Flotation Device (PFD), carrying a whistle, communication devices, and informing someone about your trip plans.
  • Spare Parts Availability - Spare parts are available for your convenience. Please contact us for any needed replacements or additional information.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Can this kayak be used for fishing, and how do I add rod holders?

A: Yes, the kayak is fishing-friendly with 2 pre-installed accessory gear track mounts. Attach fishing rod holders, fish finders, or other equipment easily. Optional accessories from brands like YakAttack or Railblaza will work well.

Q: Why doesn't the kayak have a pre-installed rudder in the rear?

A: To maintain affordability, we opted out of a pre-installed rudder. The kayak comes with 2 fins for straight tracking, and a free bonus kayak rudder is provided for DIY installation.

Q: How do I replace a broken chain?

A: Replacement chains are available. Follow the easy instructions in our YouTube video using needle-nose pliers and painters tape. No need to fully remove the fin; simply pull it down slightly to feed the chain into the opening.

Experience the freedom to paddle with power - choose the Saturn FPK365 Inflatable Kayak with Fin Pedal Drive!

Kayak Specification

Air Chambers:
2 Exterior Tubes and 1 Inflatable Rigid Floor
Interior Width:
Kayak Weight:
43 lbs (not including gear)
Overall Length:
Overall Width:
3' 2"
Persons Capacity:
2 adults
Tube Diameter:
Weight Capacity:
300 lbs (some water may rise above the floor line at about 250 lbs)

FPK Manual (Saturn-FPK-Pedal-Kayak-Manual.pdf, 873 Kb) [Download]

Heytex PVC Specs (170407_brochure_HEYboats_EN_DE_view.pdf, 1,259 Kb) [Download]

Maintain Pedal Drive (How-To-Maintain-Pedal-Drive.pdf, 335 Kb) [Download]

DIY Motor Mount (DIY-Motor-Mount-FPK365.jpg, 575 Kb) [Download]

DIY Well Hole Plug (DIY-Well-Plug.JPG, 411 Kb) [Download]

DIY Kayak Rudder 1 (DIY-Inflatable-Kayak-Rudder-Easy.jpg, 675 Kb) [Download]

DIY Kayak Rudder 2 (DIY-Rudder-Pelical-MH10-part.jpg, 1,154 Kb) [Download]

Fix Unlocking 1 (How-To-Fix-Unlocking-1.JPG, 252 Kb) [Download]

Fix Unlocking 2 (How-To-Fix-Unlocking-2.jpg, 965 Kb) [Download]

Rudder Spring Removal (Rudder-Spring-Fix.jpg, 173 Kb) [Download]

Harvey K
I recently bought the 12' Inflatable Fin Pedal Kayak and it's exceeded expectations. Surprisingly stable and comfortable, though better back support would be nice. Overall, a positive experience.
Earl E.
The FPK365 kayak has proven to be a game-changer for my fishing expeditions. It is lightweight, easy to maneuver, and the pedal drive system is an ingenious addition that lets me propel the boat using my legs instead of my arms. This frees my hands to concentrate on the fishing, which has significantly enhanced my angling experience.

I am also impressed with the kayak's overall construction. It is sturdy, durable, and withstands the elements with ease. The rail tracks for installing fishing rod holders and other accessories are a nice touch, as well. It allows me to customize my kayak to suit my fishing needs. This inflatable kayak has been a terrific investment.
Marie U
The Saturn FPK365 inflatable kayak is a high-quality and reliable watercraft. With its durable construction and impressive specifications, such as a tube diameter of 8 and a 6 thick floor, it offers stability and support for up to 300 lbs of weight. The kayak's portability is another standout feature, as it can be easily packed and transported in its compact size. The inclusion of the fin pedal drive, hand pump, removable fins, and rotomolded well for the pedal drive makes it a complete package, ready to hit the water and embark on unforgettable journeys.
Ricky Green
The kayak proved to be surprisingly stable and comfortable. Despite the initial confusion, I'm now enjoying peaceful fishing trips in this kayak and would recommend it to others who are willing to invest a little extra time in the setup process.
The Saturn FPK365 has genuinely outperformed my previous rigid kayak. It is incredibly versatile, as it can be used solo or as a tandem. The pedal drive system offers easy and efficient propulsion, making the kayak a joy to use. Plus, it's amazing to have the option of adding beach chairs for a comfortable ride.

The kayak's build quality is top-notch. It feels robust and can handle varying water conditions, yet it is lightweight and very portable. The ability to steer with either a paddle or the optional rudder adds to its versatility. Overall, the FPK365 has proven itself to be an excellent value for money, and I would highly recommend it to any kayak enthusiast.
My experience with the FPK365 Inflatable Kayak with Fin Pedal Drive has been mostly positive, despite encountering a few minor inconveniences. The pedal drive system provides a unique and enjoyable way to navigate the water, but I did experience some difficulties in adjusting the tension. Additionally, the kayak's weight was slightly heavier than expected, making it a bit challenging to transport. Highly Recommended!
Ted S
I find this kayak to be quite comfortable, even without a dedicated seat. It's designed well to provide a pleasant paddling experience.
We love the convenience of not having to trailer a kayak anymore and the weight. My back has been saved! The quality is superior and the fin driver works great and speed is good with one hitch. The clasp that hold it in place something unhooks. (I cut a piece of flip flop to hold it in place) The yak is super stable and you can also stand without a problem, if fact so stable I Sat on the front without an issue. Steering is done with the paddle but they include a dyi rutter. We are happy with the product.
Sonya F
I recently bought the 12' Inflatable Fin Pedal Kayak from BoatsToGo and it surpassed my expectations. Surprisingly stable and comfy, though a better back support would be nice. Overall, a positive experience.
Lena D
Stability, comfort, and value
Back support
After owning the 12' Inflatable Fin Pedal Kayak for two years, I can confidently say it has exceeded my expectations. The kayak's stability and comfort while sitting in it have been pleasant surprises, enhancing my overall enjoyment during trips. However, during longer periods of pedaling, I found the back support lacking. It would be great if an adjustable, padded backrest could be added to the seat for enhanced comfort. Nonetheless, my experience so far has been positive.