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Saturn Inflatable Kayaks are one of the best values in the industry. Constructed of the same heavy-duty 1100 Dtex PVC as our class V whitewater rafts they are extremely rugged, sturdy and rival the performance of many hard-shelled kayaks. Being inflatable, they offer the added convenience of being lightweight, portable and easily stored.

D-rings, seats, paddles and carry handles all come standard on Saturn Inflatable Kayaks. We offer the Saturn Whitewater Kayak for more rugged conditions and a lighter weight non-self bailing model, Saturn Expedition series kayaks for smaller lakes and streams where the ability to self-bail isn’t necessary. The Saturn Ocean Kayak is the perfect compliment of capacity and portability, and is self-bailing which is a much for those looking to challenge large waves.

The Saturn Raft/Kayak is a hybrid between the Saturn Whitewater Raft and Saturn Inflatable Kayak.  The raised nose and tail kick offer a raft style look but the narrow width and size like a kayak means increased maneuverability.

Saturn Raft/Kayak Testimonials:

Hi Guys, I set this boat (12' Raft/Kayak) up for southwestern low water, for which it works great. I glued on a grommet strip and built a small row frame.  It holds a large cooler lengthwise, a small cooler widthwise, two people, a dog, a spare break-down oar and enough food and gear for a few weeks. Am going to run the Noatak with this set up in August as a one person boat.  The boat, frame and oars all roll up into the boat's bag for flying. I can also run it as a single blade canoe set up, kneeling on the tubes with gear underneath. Check out the pics...

Saturn Inflatable Raft Saturn Inflatable Raft 2

My tiny boat carrying a big load of group food and my personal gear. The barrel in the front is purportedly bear-proof--as required for all food storage containers by the National Park Service. I'm reasonably certain a bear could have torn it apart and delighted in the abundance of salami and pop tarts therein.

Saturn Inflatable Raft 3 Saturn Inflatable Raft 4

-Taylor McKinnon – Noatak River, Arctic

Saturn Kayak Testimonial:

Here are some pictures of my 6 yr old son and his best friend on Bull Falls on the Shennadoah River on the West Virginia/Virginia border. If you notice my son has a broken arm with a "DryCorp" protective covering, works like a champ! Next I will send pictures from later that day going through some Class III Wave Trains on the Potomac River just down from Harpers Ferry.

Saturn inflatable kayak testimonial Saturn inflatable kayak testimonial

Hope you enjoyed these pictures from last July, we certainly enjoy our Saturn 396IK (self made self-bailer) 


- David Heist