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11' Heavy-Duty Fishing Boat XHD330

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Introducing the Latest 11' Saturn Heavy-Duty (XHD330) Fishing Boat - Unveil the newest member of our collection—the 11' Saturn Heavy-Duty (XHD330) Fishing Boat. Precision-engineered and tailored for fishing enthusiasts, this inflatable boat seamlessly blends durability, convenience, and top-notch performance, promising to enhance your fishing experiences.

Notable Features:

  1. Enhanced Craftsmanship: The XHD330 showcases an upgraded aluminum transom design for heightened strength and extended lifespan.
  2. Quality Materials: Meticulously crafted with German Heytex PVC and heat-welded seams, ensuring unwavering reliability on the water. Double layers of additional protective material on the bottom of each side tube enhance overall durability.
  3. High-Pressure Drop Stitch Floor: Facilitate swift deployment with the high-pressure drop stitch floor, providing a solid foundation for your fishing activities. The extra layer of protective tracking pad ensures both comfort and longevity.
  4. Sturdy Build: The bottom of tubes and keel is fortified with extra-wide heavy-duty rub strake protectors, delivering robust protection against challenging conditions.
  5. Adaptable Cockpit: The cockpit features numerous D-rings for gear attachment, boat lifting, and a towing D-ring on the rear tubes. The new MOLLE webbing system inside the tube allows for optional gear attachment.
  6. Fishing-Ready: Convert your boat into a fully equipped fishing machine with four dedicated fishing rod holders.
  7. Efficient Storage: Despite its heavy-duty build, the XHD330 folds down to the size of a large bag for effortless storage and transport.
  8. Simple Assembly: The floor can be removed and stored separately, streamlining transportation. With a weight under 150 lbs, it can be easily moved with an affordable folding hand cart.


  • Dimensions: Wider than regular SD330 with larger tubes, matching the dimensions of a 12' SD365 but one foot shorter.
  • Weight: Kept under 150 lbs for enhanced portability.
  • Folded Size: Compact and portable, resembling the size of a large bag.

11' Saturn Heavy-Duty Fishing Boat

Additional Features:

  • Splash Guards and Grab Line
  • Separate Internal Air Chambers
  • One-Way Drain Valve with Plug
  • Durable Rubber Strake All Around
  • Safety Valve to Prevent Overinflation
  • Stainless Steel D-rings for Towing and Lifting
  • Flat Air Valves with Pushpin Design
  • Front Bow D-ring with Integral Lifting Handle
  • Spare Rope for Anchor Attachment Included
  • Inflatable V-Keel with Extra Wide Rub Strake Protectors
  • Corrosion-Free Aluminum Transom
  • 0.9mm PVC Hull for Excellent Performance
  • Removable Aluminum Seat Benches
  • Included Equipment: Emergency paddles, hand pump, repair kit, seat benches, and carry bag.

Elevate your fishing adventures with the unbeatable combination of durability, performance, and convenience—the 11' Saturn Heavy-Duty (XHD330) Fishing Boat.

Boat Specification

Air Chambers:
3 + 1 + 1
Carrying Handles:
Dropstitch Inflatable Floor (10 psi!)
Inside Length:
Inside Width:
Max Capacity:
1220 lbs
Max Outboard Motor:
15 HP (15" Shaft / 150 lbs)
Nylon Carrying Bag:
Included Standard
Overall Width:
Packing Size:
2 Emergency Paddles
Passenger Capacity:
Rubber Strake Protection:
Included Standard
Total Weight (Incl. Floor):
138 lbs (Shipping weight 148)
Tube Diameter:
5 Yr
Weight (Floor):
15 lbs
Speed (Approx.):
17 mph (10HP w/2 adults)
Stainless Steel D-Rings:
Included Standard

Installation Steps (FB-inflatable-boat-floor-installation_28ld-sf.jpg, 1,223 Kb) [Download]

I've had the Saturn XHD330 for a few weeks now, and I can confidently say that it's a reliable, heavy-duty inflatable boat. The boat's construction is robust, featuring an extremely rigid 0.9mm PVC hull that has so far performed excellently in a variety of water conditions.

The XHD330's design is convenient, with the boat being shorter than the 12' SD365 but still wide enough to comfortably hold 2-3 people. This makes it a perfect choice for those who want the benefits of a larger boat without the additional weight.

The D-rings for easy towing and lifting and the front bow D-ring with integral lifting handle have proven very useful in practical situations. However, it's worth noting that while the boat is heavy-duty, it still requires careful handling to prevent any potential damage. The boat comes with a range of equipment including emergency paddles, a hand pump, a repair kit, seat benches, and a carry bag. These accessories certainly add value to the package and make the boating experience more enjoyable.
I've had a positive experience using XHD330 model. It handles well and provides a stable and enjoyable ride. Not bad at all.
The 11' Heavy Duty Boat XHD330 from BoatsToGo exceeded my expectations. It's a valuable addition to my water sports gear. So far so good.
Maria J.
The Saturn XHD330 inflatable boat has been a game changer for my weekend fishing trips. It's well-constructed with a sturdy PVC hull and heat-welded seams. The all-aluminum transom and double layers on the bottom of the tubes add to the boat's overall durability.

One of the standout features for me is the inclusion of four fishing rod holders. This has made my fishing trips much more enjoyable and productive. I also appreciate the MOLLE webbing system for gear attachment. It's great for securing additional gear inside the boat.

The XHD330 is shorter than the regular SD365 but is wider with larger tubes, which means it offers more space while still being lightweight. This design is great as it keeps the weight under 150 lbs., making the boat easier to transport.
Donna VW

I recently purchased the Saturn XHD330 inflatable boat, and it has exceeded my expectations. The heavy-duty construction with German Heytex PVC and heat welded seams ensures its durability and reliability. I feel confident taking it on any adventure. The spacious interior provides ample room for all my gear and fellow adventurers.
The XHD330 offers an incredible value for its price. Its exceptional performance, robust construction, and included accessories make it a smart investment for any water enthusiast. I highly recommend this boat to anyone looking for reliability, versatility, and endless fun on the water. The responsive handling and smooth ride make every outing a memorable experience.
One of the standout features of the XHD330 is its portability. Despite its heavy-duty nature, the boat can be easily folded and packed into a large bag. The removable floor allows for even more compact storage. With the help of the dinghy wheels, transporting the boat is a breeze. The convenience of its portability eans I can take it anywhere and explore new waters without any hassle.
I am impressed by the quality of the Saturn XHD330 inflatable boat. The heavy-duty construction with German Heytex PVC and heat-welded seams provide an assurance of durability and longevity. The double layers on the bottom of the tubes offer extra protection, which is a great feature for those planning to use the boat on rough terrains.

The high-pressure drop stitch floor adds to the rigidity of the boat, making it stable even in choppy water conditions. It's also quick to deploy, which is a feature that I find very convenient. The splash guards with grab line have been useful in keeping us dry during our boating trips.

While the boat is of excellent quality, I do wish it had more optional accessories included in the package. Other than that minor gripe, the XHD330 is a great inflatable boat that offers good value for money.
This boat is a fishing enthusiast's dream! The four fishing rod holders and MOLLE webbing system make it incredibly convenient for all my fishing gear. I can focus on reeling in the big catch without worrying about the boat's performance. It's truly a fishing machine. The stability of the boat allows me to cast my lines with precision and confidence.
I love the sleek and stylish design of this kayak. It looks great and performs even better. So far so good.