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Saturn Inflatable Boats

Saturn is quickly becoming one of the most popular brands of inflatable boats and kayaks. As we kick off 2020 we reflect on over 20 years of design/production of the Saturn Inflatable Boats. It's been incredibly fun to expand our product line each year to cover nearly every inflatable boat activity imaginable. Our #1 goal has always been to provide our customers an option to "get out on the water" using a commercial grade product at an affordable price. The full product line of Saturn Inflatable Boats now covers over 50 products and continues to be praised as “…the greatest value on the market today!” With thousands of new Saturn boats being placed on waters across the world each year we’ve quietly become one of the largest inflatable boat brands in the world. If you're looking for quality, affordability, and value - you will not beat the Saturn brand.

Our new premium series "Saturn Triton" inflatable boats were created with the intent to provide the absolute highest quality construction using upgraded German Mehler PVC, heat-welding seam technology, expanded warranty, and a technical design that rivals the highest end boats in the world. We haven't been this excited about our technology advancements in over a decade, we've taken quality/affordability to the next level.

Our customer satisfaction rate is over 98%. We remain one of the most consistent inflatable boat and kayak suppliers in the world. We place importance on product quality and customer satisfaction and we're proud to offer you the best value for an inflatable boat available today.

Because of the success we've had with our products, we decided to make only small changes to our 2020/2021 product line. Still, we continually check our products and look for new opportunities to offer the best customer experience possible. If you're looking for an inflatable boat, whitewater raft, whitewater cataraft or a Saturn kaboat, you won't find a better value.

We offer a number of exclusive products that you can check out as well, including our new line of whitewater catarafts, which are offered exclusively from Saturn Boats.

You can also stop by and view our available frame packages. Because we've partnered with a local supplier, we can provide you with aluminum frames that are completely customized to your Saturn inflatable boat, raft or cataraft.

Saturn Inflatable Boats

The Advantages of Saturn Inflatable Boats

Saturn inflatable boats provide a cost-effective alternative to a traditional rigid boat with the following advantages:

  • You can afford a much larger boat for a much smaller investment
  • You have everything you need to get on the water included with each product
  • Our boats are fully inflatable/deflatable with the exception of the transom on some models. When deflated, ALL of our products can easily fit into a small closet. No more storage facilities or losing your 3rd garage bay!
  • Our inflatable boats average about 60-90 lbs making them easy to transport, load/unload, and carry with 1-2 people
  • They are people-powered and don't require an expensive outboard motor for use
  • When powered by an outboard or electric motor, inflatable boats require a significantly smaller horsepower or thrust
  • They are extremely efficient and use a fraction of the gas of a rigid hull boat
  • They are VERY hard to tip and are designed with multiple air chambers making them nearly impossible to sink. This makes them much safer in many situations.
  • Nearly all of our inflatable boats can be carried by 1-2 people with the only exception being our largest 15'+ sizes
  • Many of our kayaks, Kaboats, SUP boards, and small inflatable boats are light enough to backpack and include a carrying bag for that purpose
  • The Saturn exterior tube chambers are designed to be extremely rigid at 3 psi while the drop-stitch floor is rated at over 8 psi. This provides a rigidity that is comparable to a rigid boat with the portability of an inflatable. Our products are among the most rigid of inflatable boats available.
  • The provide a more stable ride vs. a rigid boat and the increased buoyancy allows the user to transport a greater load (passengers and gear) than in a similar rigid boat
  • The 1100 DTEX 0.9mm and 1.5mm PVC has no elasticity (vs. Hypalon rubber) making our entire product line simple to repair
  • Maintenance is a breeze! Soap, water, and an occasional 303 protectant to minimize UV damage. A boat cover is recommended for dinghy tender usage when stored on the back of your yacht or sailboat for prolonged periods of time

So it's obvious, there are many reasons why you might want to buy an inflatable boat. We've developed the Saturn brand over the past 3 decades and have quickly become one of the largest inflatable boat suppliers in the world. We've done that by maintaining a wholesale priced product line that offers nearly all of the bells and whistles of our higher priced competitors.

Small Fishing Boats

Inflatable boats are some of the most dynamic, convenient options for people who love to fish. Small fishing boats from Saturn Boats are easily transported in the trunk of a car, and are large enough to provide a stable platform from which to cast a rod. With sizes that range from 11 feet to 15 feet and larger, fishermen can find almost any size inflatable boat for fishing to meet their individual needs.

With prices a fraction of most traditional fishing boats for sale, inflatable fishing boats from Saturn Boats are some of the most feature-rich on the market. Even the seats in the inflatable boats are made of lightweight and strong aluminum seat benches. Since the boats are light enough to be rowed from place to place, fishermen can be more silent on the water when fishing for the big catch.

Inflatable Boat Dealers

We know we are not the only inflatable boat dealers on the market, but we think we are the best. Sea Eagle, Mercury Marine, Achilles Inflatables, and Zodiac Marine USA all carry inflatable boats, but none of them carry Saturn brand inflatable boats. Just to compare a few of the benefits of our brand versus other popular boat brands, we have compiled a table of features.

The chart below compares similar 12 foot inflatable boats from a variety of inflatable boat suppliers, including Saturn Boats.


Saturn Inflatable Boats SeaEagle Inflatable Boats Zodiac Inflatable Boats Achilles Inflatable Boats Mercury Marine Inflatable Boats

Weight (with floor)

125 pounds

147 pounds

159 pounds

175 pounds

205 pounds

Max Outboard Motor

30 HP

25 HP

25 HP

35 HP

25 HP

Hull Fabric

1100 denier Korean PVC fabric

1000 Denier Reinforced

1100 decitex fabric

CSM fabric


Carrying Bag







2 paddles included

included in deluxe package

2 paddles included


not included

The Saturn Brand

The past ten years have been amazing for us, and we'd love to thank our customers, partners and friends. We know this upcoming year will continue to bring the adventure and fun we're all looking for. Located in Boise, Idaho, Saturn Boats is the only importer of SATURN whitewater products in the United States. Here in Idaho, we have access to some of the best whitewater spots on earth, all located within a short distance. We love taking our inflatable kayaks and rafts down the class III/IV whitewater rivers in our area each year and enjoy improving and updating our products based on our own experiences. We also love receiving input from customers, dealers and outfitters around the world to make our products the best they can be.

We're continually expanding our dealer locations and strive to provide SATURN dealers in every state of the country. We feel great pride in offering the best line of inflatable boats, whitewater rafts, whitewater catarafts as well as kayaks, providing the best value possible in the inflatable boats and kayaks market. By expanding our already impressive line of products and designing new crafts for water sports, we help our customers tackle the toughest whitewater spots out there.

With over 20 patents in 12 countries, our products use double wall fabrics, high-pressure air deck floors and pressure relief valves on all inflatable rafts, boats, and kayaks. Thanks to our manufacturers, we continue to offer low prices far below the price offered by our wholesale competitors. We pass this savings on to our loyal customers with a guarantee on every Saturn product sold.

$4,299.00 $2,049.00
Model: Triton
Color: Light Grey, Red
$4,199.00 $1,949.00
Model: Triton
Color: Light Grey, Red
$3,999.00 $1,899.00
Model: Triton
Color: Light Grey, Red
$3,699.00 $1,999.00
Select Color: Dark Gray
$3,599.00 $1,799.00
Model: Triton
Color: Grey, Red
$3,100.00 $1,599.00
Model: Triton
Color: Light Grey, Red
$3,399.00 $1,799.00
Select Color: Dark Gray
$2,999.00 $1,499.00
Model: Triton
Boat Color: Grey, Red
$2,999.00 $1,399.00
Model: Triton
Color: Blue, Light Grey, Red
$2,599.00 $1,499.00
Select Color: Dark Gray, Green
Model: Standard, Triton
$3,199.00 $1,599.00
Model: Standard, Triton
Color: Light Grey, Red