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Deluxe aluminum 3-parts Travel Kayak Paddles

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Deluxe Travel Kayak Paddles offers great performance and excellent grip. Our Kayak Paddles can break and fold into 3 piece, making it great for transporting and portable storage. Compare to over $80 by other suppliers!

Assembled paddles are 86.5" long and its weight is 48 oz. Advanced spoon bended blade, rubber drip-ring, 3 positions lock and anodized aircraft grade aluminum shaft makes these paddles perfectly suited for any type of regular or inflatable kayak. A feathered blade will not be affected by the wind as much as a non-feathered blade. A feathered paddle has the right and left blade at an angle to each other (normally 60 degrees) and an non-feathered paddle has both the right and left blade parallel to each other.

These are high-precession and excellent quality travel kayak paddles that are tightly fit, and will not wobble like some other foldable paddles available elsewhere. To disassemble paddles, press spring lock pushpins on both sides and rotate two parts in opposite directions. Grease or WD40 can be added to make assembly/disassembly easier.

Our Travel Kayak Paddles comes with convenient mesh storage pouch that allows easy drying after use in a water. 

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